In this post you are going to learn:

  • Benefits of a Remarketing Campaign

Time Required:  8 minutes


Video – Remarketing Google AdWords & Facebook


Google AdWords and Facebook Remarketing


Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is a highly profitable campaign type and should be the first campaign set up in all ecommerce businesses.  When a consumer goes to your website, they fit into one of two categories based on their action:

  1. Conversion Action  ~2-20%
    • Purchase something from your site
    • Set an apt
    • Fill out a contact form
  2. No Conversion Action  ~80-98%
    • Leave website without purchasing an item or filling out any contact forms


This means that 80-98% of your traffic is looking at your store site and leaving the website without making any purchases.  This is a huge opportunity for you as a business owner to re-engage them.


When a consumer first comes to your website, they don’t read every piece of information you have available.  They skim and sometimes they might miss one of your companies important selling points, such as free shipping.


Remarketing gives you a second chance to show various benefits of your company to a consumer, who was already interested enough to view your website, with things such as testimonials, highlighting current offers, or perhaps offering a discount.  With the right advertising, you have a chance to convince the consumer to take a conversion action.


There are three big platforms for remarketing: Google AdWords, YouTube, and Facebook.  I recommend using all three to increase you chances of increasing conversion actions.


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