Here are some of the tools & resources I use to help with not just my marketing efforts, but those of my clients.

If you aren’t leveraging technology in this day and age you are wasting not only money but more importantly YOUR TIME!


I use Leadpages to quickly & easily create opt-in forms, sales pages and also SPLIT test them. It integrates with all the big e-mail providers.



I use Infusionsoft to automate a majority of what I do. This allows me the freedom I want while still serving my clients 24-7. Infusionsoft is an e-mail marketing, CRM, e-commerce solution on steroids and is the ultimate business tool. It is very complex but busting through the learning curve is well worth it.


If you have a website (aside from e-commerce) and it’s NOT on WordPress… not a good idea. With so many plug-ins, easy to purchase themes (from sites like and the SIMPLICITY it’s a no brainer.


When I turned around & eventually sold our family furniture company, I used BigCommerce as my ecommerce platform (I switched from X-cart). As a business owner, you should NOT be wasting time updating code, messing with plugins etc on your web store. It needs to run smoothly, be mobile responsive, have fast support and scale easily. BigCommerce was the best solution I found for this AND it integrates with Infusionsoft so you can completely dominate your market.