In this post you are going to learn:

  • 3 Profitable Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Benefits of a Branding Campaign
  • Benefits of a Remarketing Campaign
  • Benefits of a Google Shopping Campaign

Time Required:  10 minutes


Video – Ecommerce Marketing – 3 Best AdWords Campaigns

Toolkit – Free Google AdWords Toolkit


The 3 Best Google AdWords Campaigns

Google and Internet Traffic is NOT fair.  This is not an even playing field.  The traffic is absolutely skewed toward who google favors.  The goal is to become a Google favorite as quickly as possible.  If you start with strong campaigns, like the 3 I’ll discuss below, you’ll be headed in the right direction to win Google’s favor.  If you start with bad campaigns, your account will get a negative quality score and will cause an increased cost for bids.  Often this is behind the scenes, so you can’t even see the damage you’re doing by running weak campaigns.


Branding Campaign

This campaign is targeted at individuals who search for your company name or company website.  Before you say it, I know what you’re thinking, you’re already ranked organically for your own name so why would you bother paying to advertise for the same thing?  This game is about domination, not to just barely get by.  Bidding on your own name is super cheap.  In addition, you’ll get great click through ratings.  Still need convincing?  By setting up this campaign, you are giving your company more real estate on the consumers visual screen area, while also pushing down your competitor sites to barely on or even off screen.  If you don’t buy your company name ad space, there’s a chance one of your competitors is already above you on the search page! Don’t wait, set up this campaign ASAP.


remarketing campaign

This is a campaign set up for visitors who have come to your site, but did not purchase anything.  The campaign follows them around the internet, enticing them to come back and complete their purchase.  This has been one of the most successful campaigns I’ve used across all of my ecommerce clients.  If this campaign is not working for you, then there is something you need to look into.  This doesn’t mean the marketing doesn’t work or won’t work for you, it just means your ad copy or targeting needs to be re-evaluated and optimized.


Google Shopping Campaign

This is a great campaign.  You send Google your feed, then Google will look at the products you sell and they will match product images to keyword searches.  This means when people search a keyword of your product (which means they’re more likely to buy) Google will then show the consumer your product ad.


Google AdWords Conclusion

These 3 Campaigns, when all run together, are going to give you a great boost and a strong start for getting traffic and even better, traffic that converts to sales! This critical traffic to get in order to maintain positive cash flow despite your ad spending.  You don’t want to dilute your budget over a multitude of campaigns, unsure which ones will work.  Instead, you want to build a solid foundation and from there you can expand and scale.  Find an angle of attack, use these campaigns, then get your foot hole in the market, and expand from there.