In this post you are going to learn about:

  • Keyword Search Terms
  • Negative Keywords
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Ad Copy Optimization

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Video – Top 5 AdWords Mistakes


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Top 5 Google AdWords Mistakes

Internet Marketing is so vast and progressive, that it’s tough to know if you are doing doing things correctly, or if something is wrong.  While it’s impossible to cover all of the ways your marketing campaign can go awry, here are 5 common Google AdWords Mistakes to avoid.


 1.  failing to filter Keyword Search Terms

In the Keyword Section of Google AdWords, under the Details Section, you can view the Search Terms for a specific Keyword.  This list needs to be regularly reviewed, to verify that each individual Search Term for the Keyword is relevant to your company.  If any specific search terms are irrelevant, they should be removed from the campaign.


2.  failing to use negative keywords

Negative Keywords are used to indicate to Google which user search terms you wish to avoid linking to  your ad.  This is important to prevent spending money advertising to consumers interested in topics/products close to, but outside your company sphere.  Advertising is all about limiting all the small drains that slowly eat away at your budget.


3.  Sending Consumers to a Poor Quality Landing Page

A Landing Page should have a clear Call to Action.  Very rarely will you be redirecting traffic to your homepage.  Usually, a consumer is sent to a specific product/category/services page.  This page should have a clear Call to Action.  One way to test this is to load the page and then step back from your computer.  You should be able to see the desired Clickable Action Button while standing 5-10 feet away from the screen.


4.  releasing an ad without testing/optimizing the ad copy

This is one of the most important mistakes to avoid.  The Ad Copy is meant to entice the consumer to click your ad and visit your website.  Your ad copy should be strong enough to convince the consumer to visit your site, while at the same time filtering out consumers less likely to actually purchase your product or sign up for your service.  The best way to optimize your Ad is to spend time split testing, changing only one variable at a time.


5.  using google adwords

Not every business is suited for Google AdWords.  There are a lot of paid traffic platforms including Facebook, which is often cheaper than Google AdWords.  This is true especially if you’ve identified your primary target audience.  Many factors go into considering if Google AdWords is the best choice for paid advertising for your company, including company industry and how long the company has been running.  In time, your company may grow to a place where it is beneficial to utilize Google AdWords. If it’s not right for your company to start Google AdWords at this time, focus your energy on Facebook and YouTube Ads.


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