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Video – SEO vs SEM – Which Should You Use?


The Difference Between SEO and SEM


The generic Answer

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), sometimes called Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid traffic, is paid advertising.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sometimes called organic traffic, is when your link ranks in the top few unpaid results in a search engine, such as Google or YouTube.


the important difference between seo and sem

In advertising, you’re essentially leveraging Time, Effort, and Money in order to capture Attention.  SEO and SEM are both important, however, they do not deserve equal shares of your Time, Effort, and Money.  The reason I say this is the difference between their Time to Feedback.


SEO = Slow  

SEO has a very slow Time to Feedback.  It takes a long times to find out if your link is being ranked, and even if it is being ranked, is it for the correct keywords.  Do the visitors from that keyword convert?  This process can take days to weeks.  Costing you a lot of time.


SEM = Fast 

The Time to Feedback for SEM can occur within hours.  Once you have an Ad Campaign running, initial statics will be available the same day.  This helps you discover if you are on the right track almost immediately, saving you time.


SEM should be used as a spearhead to discover your optimum keywords for conversion.  Once you know you keywords, then you can use those keywords in your SEO long term strategy. It’s not a matter of SEM or SEO, it is SEM then SEO.


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