In this post you are going to learn about:

  • The real goal of learning Google AdWords
  • The best Google AdWords Resources

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Learn Google AdWords Fast

Let’s face it, when you first start out, learning Google AdWords can be daunting.  There are a lot of variables and factors to consider.  Here are some tips to help speed up your learning process.


The Goal isn’t to learn Google Adwords

Do not try and learn Google AdWords.  That is not your goal.  Your goal is something like: grow your business, increase your sales, or widen your audience base.  You need to keep this ultimate goal in mind to prevent going down rabbit holes of tips and tricks that don’t really matter and don’t contribute to the desired end result.  Your time is one of your most valuable resources and you don’t want to waste it on learning things that won’t give you a solid return on investment.


Think about when you first started to drive, did you you know all the ins and outs of how your car and engine operated?  Even if you did, was it necessary knowledge in order to drive the car?  No.  You just needed to know the basics of operating a vehicle.  The goal with Google Adwords should be in line with this notion.  You need to focus on how to operate the basics of Google AdWords and then, if you choose, you can fall down the rabbit hole of all of the specifics of Google AdWords.


Consider Coaching

That fastest, most time saving approach to learning the bare minimum to operating Google AdWords is coaching.  Someone who’s been there before will be able to show you the ropes a lot quicker than you can figure them out yourself.  While this saves you time, it can be an expensive option.


the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

For those who are just starting out and/or cannot afford coaching, there is a great resource available, The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.  I used the second edition of this book as a primary resource when I originally started using Google AdWords.  The book is now in it’s fifth edition and it’s chock-full of useful information.  It does a good job of covering all of the basics necessary while also going into some of the specifics.



Remember, your time is valuable and Google AdWords is a process. Magic does not happen overnight.  If you set your campaigns up properly and you continue to improve on them as you gather more data, you profits will grow.  Google AdWords does work and it’s worth learning, whether through coaching or through utilizing resources, such as the book mentioned above, The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.


Free Toolkit – Google AdWords Toolkit

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