In this post you are going to learn:

  • Branding Campaign Basics
  • Remarketing Campaign Basics

Time Required:  10 minutes


Video – Two PPC Campaigns Every Advertiser Needs


Pay Per Click Campaigns


Branding Campaign

A PPC Branding Campaign is a campaign utilizing your company name as the Keyword Trigger for your advertisement.  The goal of a PPC Branding campaign is to maximize your company real estate on a search page.  A Branding Campaign is setup such that when an individual searches your company name, an advertisement for your company is at the top of the search.


This campaign is particularly good for Google AdWords or Bing and is useful even if your company is organically ranked at the top.  This campaign is all about real estate.  By setting up a Branding Campaign, between the advertisement and your organic ranking, often half or more of the consumer’s screen is utilized by your company links.  A PPC Branding Campaign maximizes the consumer’s visual field with links to your company, while minimizing the space for competitor ads.


A PPC Branding Campaign allows you to choose your message.  While your organic search results are uncontrollable, your PPC Branding Campaign allows you to choose what benefits/company features the search engine highlights to the individual.


Finally, by using a PPC Branding Campaign you can see in the metrics on how often people are searching for your company.


Remarketing Campaign

A remarketing campaign is a campaign setup to show advertisements to individuals who have shown interest in your company by visiting the website, but did not take the desired action.


The Remarketing Campaign is useful for Google AdWords, Facebook, and YouTube.  You can control the frequency of how often an individual is shown your advertisement after visiting your site.


The Key to paid traffic is relevance, keep advertisements relevant to the keywords used and the portion of your website they visited.


A great way to advertise via a Remarketing Campaign is to have free offers such as a checklist or free tips.  This helps tell your brand story to the consumer and generates value.  A Remarketing Campaign is a way to put your best content in front of the consumer.


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