In this post you are going to learn:

  • How to Determine your Second Level Objectives for PPC Advertising
  • How to Identify your Audience for Pay Per Click
  • Things to consider when Setting your PPC Budget

Time Required:  15 – 20 minutes


Video – Getting Started with PPC


Worksheet – Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC Basics

Step 1: Determine Second Level Objectives for PPC Advertising

  • Consider you objectives for the three general categories: Sales, Leads, and Engagement
  • For each category focus on specific, rather than broad, goals
  • If you have a best selling product, that’s a great place to start
    • Always start with what already works
  • Examples for each Category:
    • Sales Objectives
      • First Level = Increase sales
      • Second Level = Increase sales of a specific product or product category
    • Leads Objectives
      • First Level = Increase leads
      • Second Level = Increase leads for a particular funnel or service offering
    • Engagement Objectives
      • First Level = Increase engagement
      • Second Level = Increase number of views, subscribers, shares

Step 2: Determine Who you want to Reach with PPC Advertising

  • Who do you want to get your advertisments in front of?
  • Focus on the most likely to purchase
  • For each category, think about who is already buying the product/viewing the content
    • Remember to emphasize what’s already working
    • Consider – age range, gender, interests, professions, education level, marital status
  • Audience helps determine focus between platforms (Facebook, YouTube, or Adwords)

Step 3: Determine Launch Budget for PPC Advertising for the Next 30 Days

  •  What is your initial launch budget?


  • This is a fluid question – your budget can be adjusted at any time
  • For Smaller Budgets → use a laser approach, perhaps focusing on only one platform, takes longer to collect marketing data
  • For Larger Budges → utilize all platforms available, increases speed of marketing data collection

Bonus PPC Tip: Fan the Sparks of PPC Advertising

  • Don’t try too much at once
  • Focus on what already works
  • Look at your current content/products
    • Focus on the 20% of content/products that already gets 80% of the views/profits
  • Paid traffic is an accelerant  not a miracle makers
    • Things that work, will do better
    • Ones that don’t, will do worse
  • Once you’ve established a base, you can spread out into unknowns



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